Behind Modcan is the Canada-based Bruce Duncan. Duncan is originally a professional instrument manufacturer, he only started to design synthesizers as a hobby, and later - as users were getting more and more interested in his works -, this spare time activity evolved into Modcan. According to him, the look of an instrument really affects its approach to it. His module-designs are always based on an upgrade of an old synth part's concept, at the same time though, by the help of digital circuitry he has also introduced several innovative modules.

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Modcan - Dual Delay

Ex Tax: 570.83€
  The Modcan - Dual Delay represents the next step in delay based effects from Modc...
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Modcan - Dual Frequency Shifter

Ex Tax: 345.83€
The Modcan - Dual Frequency Shifter is an all digital interpretation of the classic Bode d...
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Modcan - Dual Phaser

Ex Tax: 332.50€
Check out our exlusive demo videos with the Modcan - Dual Phaser! The Dual Phaser is a all digi...
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Modcan - DualWave

Ex Tax: 374.17€
The Modcan - DualWave is a dual numerically controlled oscillator (NCO). Similar in design...
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Modcan - FMVDO

Ex Tax: 374.17€
  The Modcan - FMVDO represents a new breed of sound generation for the modular env...
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Modcan - Multimode Filter

Ex Tax: 289.17€
Multimode filters are nothing new but the Modcan - Multimode Filter takes its inspiration from ...
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Modcan - Quad Envelope

Ex Tax: 457.50€
The new Modcan - Quad Envelope does for envelopes what the Quad LFO did for LFOs. Each ...
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Modcan - Quad LFO

Ex Tax: 482.50€
Modcan - Quad LFO - Four independent LFOs with paging interface Modes: 4LFO-4 independent LFOs...
2 reviews

Modcan - Touch Sequencer

Ex Tax: 575.00€
Check out our exclusive video with the Modcan - Touch Sequencer​!   The Touc...
1 reviews

Modcan - Triple VCO

Ex Tax: 374.17€
The Modcan - Triple VCO takes the modular oscillator to a new level. Three VCOs in a singl...
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