Low Price Guarantee

Thanks to Analogue Zone's direct relationship with manufacturers all their products are offered in their retail prices. However, some other sellers (either temporarily or for a longer period of time) might reduce the retail prices of a similar or identical product. In these cases we can investigate and will be able to provide the product in question for the best price. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of products can I apply this guarantee for?

- The Low Price Guarantee can be applied for any products that are available in our webshop!

In what conditions am I not able to apply for the Low Price Guarantee?

- It frequently occurs that our Competitor advertises a product on sale when they don't have the advertised product in stock. For this reason, the Low Price Guarantee can only be applied for if the other product can be verified to be in stock at our Competitor's shop. In case of other temporary sales of other shops the Low Price Guarantee can be applied after evaluation - in this case we have the right to provide the Low Price Guarantee.

What kind of information do I need to apply for the Low Price Guarantee?

- In order to validate the Analogue Zone Low Price Guarantee you will need to be able to present a proof, e.g. the webpage URL of the webshop, a flyer, catalogue, etc. 

Is it possible to extend the Low Price Guarantee to other services than the products' prices? 

- Taking the quality of our services into account, it is not possible. The costs of our services are based on our resources, skills and quality expectations.